We do not live only to work, even if work is our passion. Therefore, along with business activities, I do my best to spend as much time as I can on other things that have become my passions.

I have always been fascinated with mountains, this is my true world. Surprisingly, they have so much in common with business – that’s why I use many “high-altitude” case studies in my conference speeches and workshops; I was privileged to deliver presentations with the greatest Polish climbers, including Piotr Pustelnik and Kinga Baranowska. We have found so many patterns that are common in climbing and business!

Although I climbed some 7,000m peaks in the Pamir range, 6,000m in the Himalaya and 4,000m peaks in the Alps (including Mont Blanc), I feel best in the Polish mountains and each and every year, I return to Rysy or Babia Gora in the winter. I have also been skiing since I was a child and I have just started working on combining the two passions into one. If everything works out fine, I will soon climb and ski down from Muztagh Ata, a 7,546m peak in China.

Another passion of mine is Italian red wines, those from the Montalcino region in particular: if you have ever tried the fantastic Brunellos, as well as their little brothers, Rossi di Montalcino, you know what I mean ;) For a long time, with some of my equally passionate friends, I have been visiting Montalcino each and every year to meet the winemakers and understand their wines.

When I am not drinking wine or climbing mountains, I usually read books and watch movies. I love films by Kieslowski, Aronofsky, Greenaway, Lynch or Bertolucci, but I am keen on less demanding pictures too. I like sci-fi horrors (‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ are hard to beat), intelligent thrillers (‘Seven’ by David Fincher or ‘Oldboy’ by Park Chan-wook). As for reading, I read a lot. My favourite writers include Bulhakov, Marquez, Murakami, Allen or Ellis, there are some sci-fi masterworks available as well – Lem, Dick, Dukaj, Simmons or Duncan (‘Vellum’!) create incredible worlds. Of course, there are many books about mountains in my library, the greatest ones created by Skoczylas, Pawlowski, Kurtyka or Krakauer.

By the way, business books are not bad either. The best authors can make them as interesting as novels – try Eagleman, Kahnemann, Ariely, Taleb, McAfee, Tapscott or Badaracco!